Multi Crew Coöperation (MCC) course and Jet Orientation

Dutch Aviation College offers a EASA approved  “state of the art” Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) course.  All our instructors are experienced commercial airline pilots and training instructors.

The Training will be completed on a modern FTD full size Boeing 737-800 simulator with full functionality. The MCC course will be combined with a Jet Orientation Course. The MCC course  of DAC is ideal for pilots who are training in the modular ATPL course.

Multi Crew Coöperation (MCC) course and Jet Orientation

For many new pilots the course is an opportunity to get experience to fly the B737-800.

The MCC course is an intensive course that includes ground school and FTD sessions.

Entry Requirements

  • Have a valid multi-engine instrument rating;
  • Have a flight crew license (theoretical ATPL with valid EASA CPL);
  • EASA  Class 1 Medical;
  • LPE ICAO 4.

The Course

The MCC course is conducted at the training centre in Amsterdam  (Schiphol, EHAM) and consists of a B737-800 technical course, MCC theory and simulator sessions.

Upon successful completion of the course, a EASA MCC certificate will be provided.

The Course

 Course Price

The cost for the MCC course is on request including VAT


On request

Start Dates

Courses start regularly throughout the year