Distance Learning Instrument Rating IR(A/H)

Learn to fly in IMC! A must for the professional (instructor) pilot and an absolute asset to the private pilot with a PPL license. Less probles to fly home in bad weather and more important you be a safer and better skilled pilot.

The EASA Instrument Rating (IR) Distance Learning Course is structured in three phases (modules) with each phase containing two to three subjects. Each phase consists of 3 month distance learning study periods, 1 day of classroom revision and additional days for the EASA examinations.


Course duration

9 to 12 months

Our IR course Offers:

  • 7 full coloured (ATPL) books for IR subjects
  • 1 Ebook (with full content of the 15 ATPL books)
  • 60 uur Computer Based Training
  • 100 animaties
  • Jeppesen student chart manual (Student Airway Manual)
  • On-line Exam reference material (CAP’s)
  • On-line progress tests
  • On-line self assesment test
  • Elearning access
  • Qualified and experienced instructors
  • A four module breakdown of the subjects to prevent the student from overloading on information
  • 3,5 days of Classroom sessions
  • Climate controlled classrooms
  • Holder of a ICAO PPL(A)
  • LPE level 4 of higher
  • Understanding

Pre-entry requirements:

  • Holder of a ICAO PPL(A)
  • LPE level 4 of higher
  • Understandingof Mathematics and Physics on secondary level or
    vocational training

Course price

Full Course € 1900,00 (no VAT)

IR Examdabse € 80,00