Distance Learning En-route Instrument Rating EIR

Learn to fly in IMC! A must for the professional pilot and an absolute asset to the private pilot with a PPL license. Less probles to fly home in bad weather and more important you be a safer and better skilled pilot.

The EASA En-route Instrument Rating (IR) Distance Learning Course is structured in three phases (modules) with each phase containing two to three subjects. Each phase consists of 3 month distance learning study periods, 1 day of classroom revision and additional days for the EASA examinations.



Course duration

9 to 12 months

Our IR course Offers:

  • 7 full coloured (ATPL) books for IR subjects
  • 1 Ebook (with full content of the 15 ATPL books)
  • 60 uur Computer Based Training
  • 100 animaties
  • Jeppesen student chart manual (Student Airway Manual)
  • On-line Exam reference material (CAP’s)
  • On-line progress tests
  • On-line self assesment test
  • Elearning access
  • Qualified and experienced instructors
  • A four module breakdown of the subjects to prevent the student from overloading on information
  • 3,5 days of Classroom sessions
  • Climate controlled classrooms
  • Holder of a ICAO PPL(A)
  • LPE level 4 of higher
  • Understanding

Pre-entry requirements:

  • Holder of a ICAO PPL(A)
  • LPE level 4 of higher
  • Understanding

Course price

Full Course € 1900,00 (no VAT)

IR Examdabse € 80,00