Many years’ experience in pilot education

Dutch Aviation College is a leading flight education college based on Lelystad Airport (EHLE) in the Netherlands. DAC has a history in educating pilots for the theoretical exams leading to professional  licenses and ratings. 

Our main values are:

  • Highest quality training

Our courses are approved and certified by the Dutch Civil Aviation Authorities (ILT)

  • Quality materials

Our eLearning method and (electronic)books is developed by Nordian. This method is written by the KLM flight academy and the London Metropolitan University.

  • Flexibility and support

Most of our customers have demanding daytime jobs and family obligations. We understand this position and make our support as flexible as possible.

  • efficiency

Our Distance Learning courses are design for effective and efficient leaning. All courses can be completed in the shortest possible time.

Our Team

We have a team of professional instructors and teacher. All our team members have full time jobs in the Aviation Industry and are qualified instructors or teachers.   


Modern Facilities

Dutch Aviation College is located on Lelystad Airport (EHLE). The facility includes two fully-equipped classrooms, a student lounge, and a crew room with PC equipment. There is also access to a kitchenette with coffee and thee.

We also offer accommodation for foreign students. These facilities consist of a range of private  rooms available. Please contact us for more information about accommodation and availability.